7 Ways a Design-Builder Can Help Expedite the Move-In Process for You

You’ve likely had a few clients come to you with what seems like an impossible task of finding, leasing and moving into a new dedicated space in just a matter of weeks – or you are looking to get a space leased and moved into as quickly as possible. Here are 7 ways we help expedite the move-in process.

  1. Provide a Single Point of Contact
    Helps streamline communication and decision-making

  2. Overlap MEP and Architectural Design
    Consolidates design duration and improves coordination when managed simultaneously by the design-builder

  3. Optimize Premium Time Labor with Early Move-In Savings
    Harmonizes working hours with labor rates while increasing profitability through an earlier tenant move-in

  4. Break Up the Permitting Process by Floor
    Reduces potential delays from the city when the design-builder has experience submitting design for permitting

  5. Dollarize Each Decision
    Keeps your client in control of the buildout and schedule versus a general contractor who might not be as incentivized to finish on time and on budget

  6. Commit to a Total Project Cost Early in the Process
    Eliminates costly surprises that could also impact schedule

  7. Take on 100% of the Risk for Time and Total Project Cost
    Keeps your client’s focus on running the business and ours on being a true partner

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