Video: How ARCO/Murray Used Modular Prefabrication to Increase Route Capacity at DHL’s Atlanta Service Center by 60%

The story of turning 1 dock door into 18 and increasing capacity for a growing multisite industrial client

DHL, an international package delivery service, was experiencing exponential growth in major markets throughout the U.S. DHL needed a cost-effective and scalable solution to increase capacity and throughput at existing distribution facilities without undergoing costly expansions or moving altogether. DHL tasked ARCO/Murray with helping to design, build and install its first U.S. dock extension at their Atlanta service center.

ARCO/Murray used its in-house team of architects and engineers to design two custom 10’x10’x45′ boxes equipped with 4-5 doors on either side, which would essentially turn one dock position into 18 for DHL’s delivery vans. ARCO then added electrical trim, overhead doors, insulation, FRP, roofing, paint, and more at its Downers Grove office. At the same time, DHL’s parking lot was being repaved and the concrete pad for the box was being poured. Overlapping the work reduced the overall project schedule while keeping DHL’s service center fully operational. The first dock extension was completed in the summer of 2021 and has increased DHL’s route capacity from 25 to 40 at that location.


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