Tailored CEA Construction Expertise  

Our expert engineers specialize in designing and building CEA facilities, whether it's advanced Venlo greenhouse construction or vertical farming. We design and build with your unique cultivation requirements in mind.

Global Procurement Network  

At ARCO/Murray, we collaborate with top-tier vendors globally, including renowned Dutch greenhouse providers, to ensure the highest quality in our projects.

Suite of In-House Comprehensive Solutions  

AMPS: Offering power solutions like CHP (Combined Heat and Power), solar, utility monitoring, and utility audits to ensure energy-efficient and cost-effective operations. Controls and Commissioning: Guarantee that all control systems work seamlessly together, providing smooth project delivery and handoff, ensuring operational efficiency from day one.

Why ARCO/Murray Stands Out as a Leader in Indoor Agriculture Design-Build Construction

Here at ARCO, we are dedicated to revolutionizing urban agriculture through our expertise in CEA. Specializing in greenhouses and vertical farms, we provide bespoke design and construction services that are not just buildings but ecosystems for optimal plant growth. Our Chicago-based team understands the unique challenges of indoor farming, offering solutions that balance sustainability with profitability. By maximizing efficiency and focusing on environmental responsibility, we are setting new standards in sustainable agriculture.

Our approach to design and construction is tailored to the specific needs of modern agriculture. We leverage our expertise in greenhouse design and construction, incorporating advanced systems like Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and solar solutions, thanks to our specialized AMPS (ARCO/Murray Power Solutions) team. Our Controls and Commissioning team ensures smooth integration of all controls systems in one centralized controls system for efficient operation from day one. BlueWTR combines construction design, utility solutions, regulatory knowledge, and engineering expertise to create effective water management strategies for our projects. These internal teams enable us to offer comprehensive and integrated solutions, emphasizing architectural and engineering prowess.

Advancing Urban Agriculture Through Collaborative Innovation

At ARCO/Murray, we are not just builders; we are pioneers in the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) industry. Our commitment to this field is deep-rooted. We play a leading role in shaping the future of Green Infrastructure, working alongside esteemed partners like the Resource Innovation Institute, The RNG Coalition, and The CEA Alliance. Together, we strive to establish industry standards, set benchmarks, and advocate for beneficial legislation, all aimed at enhancing the sustainability and efficacy of the CEA and Green Infrastructure industries.

Meet Our Team

Patrick Hidder, Executive Vice President, ARCO/Murray Controlled Environment Agriculture
Patrick Hidder

Executive Vice President

Morgan Waldron, Vice President ARCO/Murray
Morgan Waldron

Vice President of Business Development

Holden Orler, Vice President of Operations, ARCO/Murray
Holden Orler

Vice President

Questions about your next indoor agriculture development?

Just ask! Contact us to learn more about how our design-build methodology can help you to build and scale your indoor agriculture operations faster. Send us a note and we’ll be in contact soon!

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