Why ARCO/Murray? My Internship Experience with AMPS

Intern Dinner 2023

INTERN BLOG BY JACK PARZICK – Hi everyone, my name is Jack Parzick. I was born and raised 30 minutes north of New York City in a small town called Bronxville. Since birth, my home away from home was Jackson Hole, WY (hence my name) where my mom and dad currently live full time. It was there that I gained a love for skiing, rock climbing, fly fishing, and many other outdoor activities. My indoor activities include being a movie and book fanatic, playing the drums, and most importantly, being an inventor/builder. My projects range from constructing a DJ stand out of old university bed frames to designing a chessboard controlled by voice command through a cell phone. I am currently in the process of starting a company around one of my projects (top secret). I would describe myself as curious, energetic, positive, and creative.

 This fall, I will be heading back to the University of Wisconsin where I will be completing my degree in Electrical Engineering. In the past, I have worked as an electrician’s assistant, a welder, a builder for an exhibition design company, and most recently, a test engineer for Subzero (a co-op internship). I consider myself a Jack of all trades, forgive the pun! Through both my hobbies and my work experiences, I have been exposed to many different roles which is what sparked my interest in ARCO/Murray, which seemed a good fit to bring together all of my interests in one place.

 So, why ARCO/Murray? In all of my past jobs, I have worked in technical positions that were either hands-on or strictly engineering-based. I worked in small group settings, with little exposure to either the big picture or the human side of the engineering industry. In seeking an internship position, I was hoping to join a company that would help me bridge this gap in my experience and skill set. ARCO/Murray emphasizes the human side of business through and through. From collaboration with and between different ARCO teams to interacting with subcontractors and suppliers.

My Time at ARCO

During my internship, I have had the privilege to be part of the AMPS (ARCO/Murray Power Solutions) team under Diaa Masoud. My projects have been improvement and efficiency-related. For example, I was creating databases for parts from different suppliers to improving estimate times. I assisted in the development of a tool that uses software called ArcGIS to assess factors like population, land price, etc. to determine the best locations for land development. My day-to-day is a little bit more niche than many of the other ARCO/Murray interns as AMPS is more specific, but I still do bid-leveling and other tasks.

What I Have Learned

Working at ARCO/Murray requires a broad set of skills, many of which I had coming into the program, yet others that I didn’t. The two most important skills that I have learned and continue to improve include interaction with others and organizational tools. As interns, we have been taught how to properly interact with other businesses to achieve the best possible result through connections and continually looking out for the best interests of the people throughout the chain. That skill, in the end, is how a successful business must operate. Particularly in a field like ours, reputation is everything. Also important, I learned that one must always create multiple options. Be it subcontractors or suppliers, one needs to create options to ensure success on a project and to have things run smoothly. One cannot assume that plan A is enough. In order to stay competitive, you have to be able to adjust your (or the client’s) plan based on a large number of factors.

What I Love About ARCO/Murray

There are so many aspects of the company that I appreciate, however, one stands out as completely unique relative to my other experiences – the culture. A few examples include: the amazing facilities which prove that the company cares about the well-being of all of its employees; sabbaticals which highlight the understanding that a work-life balance is essential for happy, productive employees; and sabbatical pranks which showcase humor is essential in life. I had the privilege of working on a sabbatical prank. It was super fun to get to help build a mini office within his office and even more fun to witness his reaction upon his return. Finally, ARCO does a great job with the interns. From providing housing to dreaming up fun activities (ziplining, Family Feud, Topgolf), the company has gone out of its way to ensure our enjoyment of our time here. I’m grateful to have had this opportunity.

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