Why Arco/Murray?

At ARCO/Murray, we take our “work hard, have fun” culture seriously. From sabbaticals every five years, to making time in our busy workdays for a drink in the kitchen or a game in the breakroom, we fuel our positivity with fun.

But we’re not an award-winning firm just because we’re a great place to work. We’re relentless experts at what we do. It’s only because of our commitment to hiring the best and the brightest that we’ve continued to see exceptional growth and consistently list on multiple Top Companies lists.

Think you’d thrive in our ambitious environment?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

You get immediate responsibility from the beginning and truly own the project manager title from the moment you get here. You own the job and make an impact on the company from day one.
-Collin Schmid

At ARCO/Murray, we position our project managers as future leaders of the company. From day one, you’re on the fast-track to helming multi-million dollar projects and making a unique contribution to the team.

Hear it From Our Team

The quality of work here surpasses any other company I’ve ever worked for. I truly am doing what I love to do.
-Andy Zamora

As a superintendent, we know the toll of being on the road all the time. That’s why ARCO/Murray prioritizes travel accommodations for our superintendents, making long days away from home a little easier. Once you join the ARCO/Murray family, your family is our family.

Hear it From Our Team

My favorite part of a job is just starting a new project. It’s fun to see it slowly come together, especially knowing my part in making it happen.
-Dana Velasco

Behind every great project is an outstanding project coordinator. At ARCO/Murray, these master multitaskers are the superheroes working behind the scenes to ensure every project has what it needs to get up and running and end successfully.

Hear it From Our Team

Working at ARCO is very different than being an intern anywhere else. You learn a ton… they’re really invested in you being able to do as much as a normal project manager.
-James Halliday

No coffee-fetching or paper-filing. ARCO/Murray interns and co-ops work side-by-side with project managers, gaining immediate hands-on experience, in-office and on job sites. We intentionally train every participant with full, working knowledge of the ARCO/Murray design-build methodology so that when it’s time for you to enter the workforce, you’ll be way ahead of the game.

Hear it From Our Team Learn more about the internship program

Outstanding Benefits

Premium Compensation

  • Merit-based and annual bonuses for all associates
  • Project managers make 96% more than industry counterparts

Sabbatical Program

  • 30-day paid sabbatical for every 5 years worked
  • $5,000 bonus to encourage travel

100% Employee Owned

  • Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP)
  • Each associate is given company equity and retirement benefits at no cost

Associate Development

  • Regular lunch-and-learns
  • Technical training
  • Grad school/continued education reimbursement

Giving Back

  • 1 week of paid volunteer time each year
  • 100% matching for donations made by associates

Scholarship Program

  • College scholarships for children of associates
  • Up to $3,500 per semester

At ARCO/Murray, We're Family

Two-thirds of our lives are spent at work on average, so you deserve to enjoy your workplace. We believe in making the construction process fun, not just for our clients, but for our associates too. At ARCO/Murray, relationships come first. We’re not just co-workers, we’re family.

Work hard, be a pro, have fun

Love Where You Work

The number one thing ARCO/Murray cares about is being a place where people want to work.
–John Roche, Principal