Strategic Procurement & Schedule Sequencing Gets Maverick Beverage into Minneapolis Location Two Weeks Early on Already Tight Deadline

Maverick Beverage Company was formed in 2023 to unite six beverage distributors through a shared vision and mission. Under this new partnership, Maverick Beverage would have physical locations in six markets including Illinois, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Colorado and Minnesota. ARCO Beverage Group had an existing relationship with the client and was asked to help with a buildout for the Minneapolis market that Spring.

Maverick needed to occupy a new 22,000 SF facility in five months, as their lease was about to expire. While a site had been selected in Eden Prairie, there were no architectural drawings yet and the base building was under construction. With such a short timeframe, ARCO formulated a strategy and timeline to hit the tight occupancy date.

Drew Gavic and Ty Johnson of ARCO’s Minneapolis office received the floor plan and three days later turned around a proposal with a full scope document and code compliant floor plan to Maverick. ARCO also committed to the budget within the proposal and absorbed 100% of the cost and schedule risk. Within a week, the contract was signed. That same day, ARCO released all long lead items, like electrical gear, to ensure the target date would be hit.

The shell building was just getting under way by another general contractor (GC). ARCO did not have the architectural drawings yet, but were able to push the plumbing drawings and subsequent permitting through for Maverick, so the other GC wouldn’t pour the concrete floor for the building and then have to re-cut, which would have pushed back the schedule by a month.

Underground plumbing was completed within two months of the contract signing date, and the concrete was then poured two weeks later for the building. That left roughly two-and-a-half months to get Maverick’s space built and fully moved into. The ARCO team remained diligent and in constant communication with the client throughout the course of construction.

ARCO saved Maverick $50,000 on in-rack sprinkler systems by utilizing existing partnerships with fire protection vendors. An additional two weeks were cut on an already tight schedule through strategic sequencing and procurement efforts. Maverick Beverage moved in prior to their lease expiring. The final space included an open office area, private offices, conference room, break room and waiting area.

ARCO's Construction Schedule for Maverick Beverage in Minnesota

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