Patrick Hidder Joins Resource Innovation Institute’s Board of Directors

Chicago, Illinois — January 29, 2024 — ARCO/Murray, a leading national design-build general contractor with a highly specialized Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) team, is pleased to announce that Executive Vice President Patrick Hidder has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the Resource Innovation Institute (RII). This appointment marks a significant milestone in the growing partnership between ARCO/Murray and RII, an esteemed organization that is dedicated is a not-for-profit, public-private partnership dedicated to advancing climate resilience. RII provides resource efficiency education, training, and verification services in collaboration with CEA producers, researchers, governments, utilities, and the design & construction sector.

Since becoming members of RII in 2022, ARCO/Murray has actively contributed to and benefited from the collaborative efforts to benchmark, set industry standards, and drive policy change within the CEA sector. ARCO/Murray’s commitment to innovation aligns perfectly with RII’s mission, making this new development a natural progression of the relationship.

ARCO/Murray has long admired RII’s work in pioneering research, setting benchmarks, and establishing best practices that promote environmental stewardship and operational efficiency in CEA and Green Infrastructure. “Being appointed to RII’s Board of Directors is both an honor and a commitment I wholeheartedly embrace,” said Patrick Hidder. “There is a shared vision and passion between ARCO/Murray and RII for the future of the Green Infrastructure industry. We are dedicated to driving positive change and believe that through our strategic collaboration, we can make significant strides in advancing the industry.”

This partnership has already facilitated significant advancements in the CEA space, with ARCO/Murray leveraging its expertise in design-build services to support RII’s initiatives. The synergy between ARCO/Murray’s innovative approach to CEA projects and RII’s comprehensive resource efficiency metrics has set new industry standards, benefiting growers, investors, and the environment alike.

A key focus of the partnership is the cultivation of a skilled and specialized CEA workforce. To this end, ARCO/Murray has joined forces with RII to initiate the development of a groundbreaking CEA design and construction credentialing program. This program, the first of its kind, aims to meet the demand for expertly trained professionals in CEA design and construction. Supported by the USDA as part of the project “Data-Driven Market Transformation for Efficient CEA,” with RII serving as the lead organization, this initiative marks a significant step towards professionalizing the field. For more details about the credentialing program, visit RII’s press release on this collaboration with ARCO/Murray.

ARCO/Murray’s involvement with RII extends beyond mere membership. The company has actively engaged in various RII programs, contributing to research, participating in panel discussions, and providing valuable insights to help shape the future of the industry. “Our collaboration with RII is a testament to our commitment to excellence and industry advancement,” said Lee Stellakis, COO of ARCO/Murray. “Having Patrick on the Board of Directors will further strengthen our ability to contribute to meaningful change and ensure that the Green Infrastructure industry continues to thrive.”

Through this partnership, ARCO/Murray and RII aim to elevate the conversation around resource efficiency and industry sustainability. By combining ARCO/Murray’s design-build expertise with RII’s analytical and policy-driven approach, the organizations are setting new benchmarks for success in the CEA sector.

As ARCO/Murray continues to expand its footprint in the Green Infrastructure industry, the company remains dedicated to fostering innovation, sustainability, and operational excellence. Patrick Hidder’s appointment to RII’s Board of Directors is a pivotal step forward in this journey, underscoring ARCO/Murray’s leadership role in shaping the future of controlled environment agriculture. To learn more about ARCO/Murray and the Controlled Environment Agriculture team, reach out to us below.

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