Unit Cost Cheat Sheet: Accurately Budget Your Next Industrial Project

Industrial TI Unit Cost Cheat Sheet

Before exploring potential spaces, it’s essential to grasp construction costs to stay on budget. Our team has created a Unit Cost Cheat Sheet specifically for industrial users and brokers, providing insights into construction costs.

The ideal time to review this sheet is either before or in parallel with walking any properties. This ensures you have a preliminary rough budget at your fingertips. Here are a few examples of key costs to keep in mind.

Below are just a few samples from our Unit Cost Cheat Sheet. For the complete list with the typical scope of work, complete the form below.

Industrial Warehouse

  • 5,000 SF General Office Buildout:
    • Union: $145-$155/SF
    • Open Shop: $135-$145/SF
  • Cut-In New Dock Positions:
    • Union: $26,000
    • Open Shop: $24,000
  • 36’ Demising Wall:
    • Union: $760/LF
    • Open Shop: $715/LF
  • Upgrading an Existing Service:
    • $60,000-$350,000
      • Dependent on how large of an upgrade.

All costs include design, permit and construction.

Fill out the form below for the Full Unit Cost Cheat Sheet that details projected lead times and construction durations.

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