Cooperative Laundry: National Laundry Day Spotlight

Just over two years ago, COVID-19 brought the world to a halt, impacting everything from schools to restaurants. Stay-at-home orders and travel restrictions had major implications across all industries, with the hospitality industry being one of the hardest hit. Despite the adversity, hospitality launderer Cooperative Laundry not only survived, but thrived and is currently expanding their operations to a second location. This is their story.


Cooperative opened their doors in September of 2018 to provide next generation quality and service in the hospitality market. Their custom-built 60,000 SF facility in Kearny, New Jersey, is located just 12 miles from Times Square and services greater New York metro area.

When planning and designing their Kearny plant, Cooperative focused on three key elements they wanted to offer their customers: quality, consistency, and efficiency. Their vision included using superior washing technology and automated processing to offer their customers excellent service every day. To bring this vision to life Cooperative needed a design-build contractor with expertise and experience but also the ability to think outside the box. “ARCO has a reputation in the industry as the premier design-build firm. After some of our initial discussions, the interactions with the ARCO team members are what made them a clear choice for us.” said Chad Stockton, Vice President of Cooperative Laundry. Stockton added,

“There is a wealth of knowledge within the ARCO team. That experience translates into solid recommendations especially when discussing some of the ‘non-industry standard’ things I might have asked for along the way.”

Fast forward to the fall of 2018 and Cooperative opened their Kearny facility. The custom build-to-suit facility not only met their needs but exceeded their goals by leveraging a fully automated workflow that reduces laundry errors, cleans deeper, presses and folds better and extends linen life far beyond conventional standards. When asked about the process of bringing the facility to life, Stockton commented “Kearny didn’t happen without some bumps along the way. But ARCO was able to pivot, communicate, work with us to come up with a plan, and execute on that plan. During these projects, things will always come up along the way; ARCO was a great partner in that.


In March of 2020 COVID brought both leisure and business travel to all but a complete stop. Little to no hotel occupancy translated into little to no laundry to wash. When asked how, despite these challenges, Cooperative was able to retain their current customers and continue to grow their business Stockton gave credit to both the internal employees and the external customers saying:

“Some fantastic & dedicated employees, hard work, great customers, and great relationships. We focused on communication and on finding efficiencies in the workplace while also growing our family of customers to keep enough volume in the building to keep the lights on.”

While things aren’t always perfect, Cooperative consistently strives for constant improvement, and partners with customers who value their consistent and timely communication.


ARCO/Murray and Cooperative Laundry have developed a true partnership over the years and are currently working together to design & build Cooperative’s second facility in San Marcos, Texas. Every project is different and brings with it new circumstances and new challenges. That is why when making a big investment, like building a laundry facility, it is critical that all parties communicate and work together to bring a shared vision to life. To quote Chad Stockton,

“Along the way ARCO has been able to flex when needed and communicate through the challenges. With open communication and great ideas, we chip away at the curveballs to mitigate obstacles or improve along the way.”

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