Checklist: How to Ensure a Smooth Move-In Process for Your New Office Space

Construction is finishing up, and you’re getting close to occupying a new space. Here’s just a small slice of what should be on the docket to ensure a successful move-in.

Before the Move:

Review your current lease and any moving parameters
Talk to your design-build partner or broker on any move-in checklists or available assistance
Set a moving budget and assemble a planning team
Have a communication plan for your employees, clients, vendors, landlord…etc.
See which moving companies fit your budget and service area
Ensure the proper number of boxes, packing materials and/or crates
Determine whether moving insurance and/or onsite security is necessary

Close to Move:

Discontinue any special services at your current office and transfer utilities
Change your business address with USPS and inform government agencies (e.g. IRS)
Execute communication plan and don’t be afraid to overcommunicate with employees
Ensure elevators, lobbies, walls and floors will be protected from damage during the move
Prep the new space with directional signs, as well as room and area labels
Have a plan for moving and/or receiving furniture and where it will be placed in the new space
Walk the space with the mover and provide a moving instruction document
Create a lost and found area for untagged items
Back up all computers and systems

Day Of:

Have personnel on-site at both the new and old office
Ensure the wall, floor and elevator protections are installed
Record the time the movers arrived and how many are working on your move
Check inventory
Before the last truck leaves, review the facility for anything left behind
Review the bill of landing
Indicate any damaged or missing items before you sign off on anything
Check in on move out/turnover status

Post Move Items:

Distribute internal directory and map to each employee
Conduct post-move training to review security, IT equipment, fire and life safety procedures
Confirm insurance coverage/transfer, address change and utilities are set for the new location
Distribute new office rules including building hours and housekeeping

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