Chicago, Illinois

X Logan Square

6-Story Luxury Apartment Complex

L isn’t your typical multifamily apartment building—it’s an implementation of “co-living”, a trend still in its infancy in Chicago. In a co-living model, tenants rent by the bedroom rather than by the unit, sharing kitchen, living room spaces and bathrooms with other renters. Because of this model, everything about L is atypical. There are extra bathrooms, extra bedrooms and amenities not often seen in a standard apartment building. Despite this, we took up the challenge and not only saved PMG with a resourceful approach to their wall structure system, but we managed the installation of an L car on the amenity deck when the idea was proposed halfway through the project. The finished building features a rooftop solar panel system, heated dog walks, bocce ball courts, full-service kitchens and fire places. Our design-build method was used to implement mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems. The total square footage of the building is 143,975 SF.


Tap Pour-Your-Own-Beer Room



10000 SF

Amenity Deck