Renovate and Operate: ARCO’s Strategy for Successful Automotive Dealership Upgrades

Balancing business operations while planning an automotive dealership renovation can be tough. From adhering to brand requirements to finalizing finishes, it can be a significant undertaking for dealership owners who also need to keep their business running smoothly. ARCO recognizes the importance of keeping your business open and understands that renovations can be intimidating due to the potential need for temporary closures. However, our extensive experience in tenant improvement projects allows us to upgrade your dealership without disrupting daily operations.

How do we achieve this? While your dealership continues to operate in the main showroom, for example, ARCO works on other parts of the building, such as adding a service center or updating office spaces. The graphic below illustrates our approach, demonstrating how dealers can maintain operations during the entire construction process.

Automotive Dealership Renovation

ARCO/Murray’s automotive team has experts in both ground-up and interior renovation projects for dealerships, OEM distribution & manufacturing facilities, car washes, trucking facilities, car condos, and more. We manage projects efficiently while ensuring every project stays operational and complies with brand standards.

Our automotive team has partnered with the Bob Loquercio Auto Group to deliver a series of ground-up and interior renovation projects in the Midwest. Reflecting on our collaboration, Veronica Loquercio of the Bob Loquercio Auto Group shared, “ARCO simultaneously built our 60,000 SF Hyundai and luxury Genesis dealerships. It was by far the best construction experience I’ve been involved with. I was impressed by everything from the process to the in-depth industry knowledge of the ARCO team. They have a deep understanding of our operations and used that to help bring ideas as well as streamline communication within our internal team as we approached the grand opening. Their approach to building dealerships is like hitting the easy button. They manage it all, so I can focus on running the business.”

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